We combat social and economic problems

The mission of the Lighthouse Learning Center for Lifelong Learning is to improve the quality of life for marginalized groups. We actively contribute to fostering positive social change by providing support to our target groups and members through information, advocacy, and services

Social inclusion

Dedicated to inclusivity, we work tirelessly to ensure equal opportunities for all, regardless of their backgrounds. Our mission is equality in action.

Social entrepreneurship

The strategic fusion of innovation, resourcefulness, and opportunity to effectively tackle pressing social and environmental challenges with meaningful solutions and lasting impact.

Lifelong learning

Unrestricted and varied educational experiences extending beyond conventional schooling, fostering lifelong learning opportunities for individuals throughout their adult lives.

Children & youth

Initiatives dedicated to nurturing children's development and well-rounded upbringing, encompassing life skills programs and supplementary support to complement formal education, promoting a holistic approach to learning and growth.

Who Are We

Lighthouse, a non-governmental organization, is dedicated to tackling social and economic challenges through the implementation of impactful initiatives, including lifelong learning programs, social inclusion efforts, and economic strengthening, with a focus on establishing a transformative learning center.

Our Mission

The mission of Center for Lifelong Learning Lighthouse is to enhance quality of life for all marginalized groups through comprehensive initiatives. Our non-governmental organization actively addresses social and economic challenges by promoting lifelong learning.

Our Projects

Right to Work for Everyone

The goal of the project is to provide equal opportunities for education and employment of members for marginalized social groups living in the Mitrovica region.

Save the Planet for Youth!

The aim of the project is to raise awarness of citezens living in Northern Kosovo about the importance of enviromental protection and its implication on welfare state.

Reintegration of Returnees in North Kosovo

The project seeks to improve contribute to the rule of law in Kosovo by improving the access of returnees in Northern Kosovo to their rights.

I Want and I Can Do It!

Project was created to support the marginalized society members – people with disabilities and special needs.

Seven people playing sports outdoor.

Happy Childhood Playground

Social inclusion of children with disabilities and special needs through creation of inclusive playgrounds.

Our Capacities

Social Enterprise Veza

The Social Enterprise "Veza" was established with the support of the European Union Office in Kosovo.

Free Time Center Zubin Potok

Free Time Center Zubin Potok was established thanks to support of the Czech Development Agency and Caritas Czech Republic.

Nine students sitting behind computer screens in a classroom.

Free Time Center Zvečan

Free Time Center Zvečan was established thanks to support of the Czech Development Agency and Caritas Czech Republic.


Eco-house is placed in the Gazivode lake, Banje village.

Chairs, screen, office, table and indoor.

Mitrovica Office

Mitrovica office of the Center for Lifelong Learning Lighthouse is consisted of one office and one classroom.

Two computer screens and a printer on table with two chairs in a office.

Belgrade Office

Belgrade office of the Center for Lifelong Learning Lighthouse is located at Miloja Zakića 7 in Čukarica Municipality.

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