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Staff of the SOS Center for Returnees meeting with clients.

Six Months of the SOS Center for Returnees

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The SOS Center for Returnees started working on April 2, 2018. For six months, 148 persons contacted the SOS Center for Returnees, out of which are 61 women and 87 men. SOS team conducted consultations with 76 people. These are citizens who addressed the SOS Center with simple requests. In this period the SOS Team opened a total of 68 cases. These are the citizens whose reasons for addressing the SOS Center are complex. With these citizens SOS Team held meetings in the premises of the SOS Center for Returnees. At each meeting, a plan of work with the client was agreed and the activities that will be undertaken were defined. In August and September, SOS team closed a total of 27 cases with a status successfully resolved. Other cases are still in the process.

The project Reintegration of Returnees in North Kosovo is donated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and conducted by Caritas Czech Republic and Center for Lifelong Learning Lighthouse.


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