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Open Call for Two Lecturers / Field Assistants

Position: Lecturer / Field Assistant

Number of positions: 2 (two)

Supervising Officer: Project Manager

Locations: Kosovo, North Mitrovica, Drvarska 4/12, Sunce II

Kosovo, South Mitrovica, Roma Mahala and Sitničko naselje

Engagement: from June 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021.

Level of engagement: 20% of working time

Closing of the call: May 25, 2020


Support for Socio-Economic Integration and Resilience of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities in South Mitrovica

Project summary:
The Center for Lifelong Learning Lighthouse in cooperation with the Danish Refugee Council, has launched a project aimed at improving the resilience of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities in South Mitrovica, with a special focus on combating the negative effects of the COVID-19 virus and on child development.
This project will provide assistance in the fight against COVID 19 through capacity building in 300 families from this target group, as well as support for children (at least 60) in mastering basic life skills.
The main activities covered by this project are:
– Campaign aimed at the target group in order to raise awareness about COVID-19 as well as preventive methods and fight against this virus
– Humanitarian action of distribution of packages for personal protection against viruses
– Training of lecturers who will work with children
– Program of psycho-social support and life skills intended for children from the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities.
Key responsibilities:
Field work (first two months of engagement):
– Assistance in the preparation and distribution of humanitarian packages in the Roma Mahala and Sitnički Naselje in Mitrovica
Training (1 month):
– Participation in a training program for lecturers to train them to work with children and transfer knowledge in the field of basic life skills
Pedagogical work (until the end of the project)
– Preparation and conducting of basic life skills classes in Roma Mahala
– Providing support to children in learning and mastering life skills,
– Providing psycho-social support in working with children
– Keeping proper records of work with children, including attendance lists and monitoring the progress of children individually
– Weekly reporting to the project manager on the performed activities according to pre-determined conditions, including mandatory indication of possible risks or challenges
– Providing expert opinion on the quality and effectiveness of children’s programs, with possible recommendations for improving the work effectiveness.
Education and experience:
The position is intended for students of pedagogy, in the first place for graduates and final year students
Students and graduates of other related sciences (eg. psychology, social work, etc.) can also apply,
Previous work experience is not required
Other desired qualities:
Excellent communication and teaching skills
Those who are interested can apply for the competition by coming to the office of the Center for Lifelong Learning Lighthouse at the above address, as well as by forwarding the necessary documentation to the email address:
Required documentation:
– CV of the candidate
– Motivational letter
For more information about this job opening, interested candidates can contact:
The staff of the Center for Lifelong Learning Lighthouse will schedule a meeting as soon as possible.


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