Tree in broken glass ball outdoor illustrating project "Save the Planet for Youth".


Save the Planet for Youth

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of citizens living in Northern Kosovo about the importance of environment protection and its implications on welfare state.


Right to Work for Everyone

The goal of the project  is to provide equal opportunities for education and employment of members of marginalized social groups living in the Mitrovica region. The realization of the project will contribute to the empowerment of Roma population as well as members of other marginalized groups in this area.

A team of people sitting at an oval table at a business meeting.


Reintegration of Returnees in North Kosovo

The project seeks contribute to the rule of law in Kosovo by improving the access of returnees in Northern Kosovo to their rights.


I Want and I Can Do It!

Project was created to support the marginalized society members – people with disabilities and special needs in particular – through social inclusion and social entrepreneurship.

Seven people playing sports outdoor.


Happy Childhood Playground

Main goal of this project is to contribute to social inclusion of the children with special needs from Zubin Potok special school. 


Caring About Children, Caring About Future

Main goal of this project is improvement of life quality through upbringing and education of children of Northern Kosovo.

Four intertwined hands forming a square.
Nine students sitting behind computer screens in a classroom.


Lifelong Learning for 21st Century

The main goal is strengthening educational system in Northern Kosovo.


Production of Assistive Tools and Accessories

The project objective is to socially include marginalized society members – returnees and Internaly displaced persons  in Northern Kosovo in particular.