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Caring About Children, Caring About Future


Social Inclusion



Start Date

December 28, 2016

End Date

June 23, 2017

Main goal of the project “Caring About Children, Caring About Future” is improvement of life quality through upbringing and education of children of Northern Kosovo. Project will achieve this  through: Improvement of leisure activities quality for children and youth through studying, play and improvement of various life skills, development of the social inclusion concept of the vulnerable groups, ethnic minorities, children with disabilities and special needs and prevention of juvenile delinquency through adequate educational programs.

Free Time Centers welcome all children and youth in Northern Kosovo, providing them programs of healthy development, better educative methods and correction of dangerous models of behavior. These contents are now available on twelve different locations. There are two centers in Zvečan and Zubin Potok and ten different children and youth clubs, thus covering the entire Northern Kosovo territory.

The project was realized with the funds of the Czech Development Cooperation Agency.