Four people standing indoor and looking at objects placed on a table illustrating project "I Want and I Can Do It".

I Want and I Can Do It!


Social Inclusion
Social Entrepreneurship



Start Date

December 23, 2015

End Date

June 23, 2017

Goal of the project “I Want and I Can Do It” is to contribute to development of Northern Kosovo through directly impacting alleviation of civil society sector, through strengthening persons with disabilities and special needs. Specific objective is to strengthen the role of civil society in service delivery by enabling them to address the social needs of their communities. 

Project “I Want and I Can Do It!” was created to support the marginalized society members – people with disabilities and special needs in particular – through social inclusion and social entrepreneurship. Within the Social Enterprise “Veza”, these community members shall receive training courses to be able to work in the enterprise. Production of the enterprise is based on the specific needs of these people and other targeted persons with disabilities in the region. Innovative models of assistive equipment are carefully developed in cooperation between team for psycho-social support and Project Bureau of the Technical Faculty in Mitrovica. Social Enterprise “Veza” offers five different fields of knowledge and skills, and therefore employment opportunities.

This project was realized with the funds of the European Union Office in Kosovo.