Laptop and notebook with a pen illustrating social entrepreneurship.

Social Entrepreneurship

Combining innovation, resourcefulness and opportunity!

Social entrepreneurship refers to the practice of combining innovation, resourcefulness and opportunity to address critical social and environmental challenges.

Social entrepreneurs focus on transforming systems and practices that are the root causes of poverty, marginalization, environmental deterioration and accompanying loss of human dignity. In so doing, they may set up for-profit or not-for- profit organizations, and in either case, their primary objective is to create sustainable systems change.

Lighthouse uses social entrepreneurship as an important tool for social inclusion of the marginalized society members in Northern Kosovo through re-/training and employment. Therefore, Lighthouse created an enterprise that is at the same time a training center – Lifelong Learning Center – VEZA, providing training and employment to the most marginalized groups, such as people with disabilities (PWDs), ethnic minorities – returnees and IDPs in particular and other vulnerable groups in high risk of exclusion, poverty, and unequal treatment and opportunities.